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Australian Italian Inspired

What’s on North Sydney?

We’re now running Autumn-inspired Dinner menu

At Lobby Boy, we’re bringing what North Sydney is craving the most! Choose between a la carte menu or an elevated 4-course dinner running from 5:30 PM until late. Take a seat in our mid 20th century inspired venue, choose from curated cocktails and wine menu while having a great time with your friends and family!


Dinner Open:

Thursday and Friday : 5:30PM till late


Dinner Menu

Choose between A la carte OR

a 4-course share menu for $79 per person complimentary with a glass of wine

(min 2person)


Provolone Arancini

Stuff risotto rice with provolone cheese and peas   5 each

Sydney Rock Oyster

With Apple Mignonette Dressing    4.5 each

Zucchini with Ricotta Truffle Mousse 


Burrata served with heirloom tomatoes, citrus oil dehydrated olives, fried basil and fennel, Italian glaze    $25

Grilled King Prawns

Red bell pepper puree, bell pepper crisp, herb oil   $27

Tuna Crudo

Bluefin Tuna Loin with Yuzu dressing, Horseradish, Mascarpone, Black Berries, Pickled Shallot $24

Brussel Sprout Salad

Brussel Sprout, Kale, Grape Tomatoes, Pine Nuts, Sultana $24


Pan-Seared Duck Breast

Sous vide duck breast, Savoy Cabbage, Rhubarb jam, Creamfresca, Fried Onion, Strawberry Jus.  $35

Ranger Valley Wagyu Rump Steak (6-8M)

Parsnip puree, Butter Glazer dutch carrot, parsnip chips with homemade beef jus.  $42

Valley Ranger Rib Eye T-Bone 500g

Australian Black Tyde Rib-eye with Jerusalem Artichoke and Cavolo Nero salad $79

Market Fish

Charred Broccolini, chickpea puree, caper relish, burnt butter emulsion $32

Risotto Ala Fungi

Aged Carnarolli Rice with Porcini Mushroom, Enoki Button, King Mushroom $29

Fettuccine Lamb Ragu

House-made Fettuccine with Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder $32

Pasta Al Granchio (Crab)

Home-made Squid Ink Spaghetti with Australian Blub Crab Swimmer, Mussels Butter, Calabrian Chily, Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic Bread  $36


Torta Caprese

Chocolate Crumble, Honeycombe, Vanilla Mousse, Candied Orange, $23

Strawberry Pavlova

 Confit Strawberry, Lamon Mascarpone, Vanilla Crumble,
Fresh Strawberry, Popcorn, Aqafaba Meringue, and White Chocolate, $21